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Karl Lagerfeld has released a new range of accessories in tandem with the new Fall-Winter 2015/16 collection, named ‘Choupette in Love’ after his cat. This collection exudes elegance while utilizing interesting textures and colors.

This collection introduces Choupette’s new beau, Karl Lagerfeld’s other cat named Bad Boy. The bold use of leather as layers on the clutches and accessories are used make cute outlines of a cats face. The clutches and shoes also sport hearts where the pupils of the cat should be to present a more playful appearance.

Not all of the accessories sport Choupette’s outline, others utilize black and silver to portray a message like the bag pictured below ‘Luxury is a Discipline’. They are oft held by silver chains and come in varying designs. One of the main features of this collection is its use of geometric details to present a more aesthetically appealing look yet quirky look.

‘Choupette in Love’ will appeal to those who want to be different but stylish at the same time.