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Discover the secret of exceptional creation with the Malaki Collection

In the obscurity of a palace awaits the most opulent of all treasures, revealed by the light filtering through a shanasheel. This is the Malaki Collection, the fruit of the encounter of Oriental and Occidental traditions. The union of exceptional materials and extraordinary expertise. A collection designed like a unique jewel with the exquisite attention to detail so emblematic of Chopard.

In the place where decades of expertise meet the highest standards of excellence, you’ll find the most exceptional perfumes. The Malaki Collection, by Chopard.

Amber Malaki, the latest addition to the Malaki Collection. A warm, enigmatic new fragrance, inspired by the opulent luxury of Chopard jewellery. Sophisticated and compelling, this precious elixir evokes a mysterious sensuality that radiates with the golden energy of the sun.

The precious elixir is held fast in its beautiful glass bottle, faceted like a gemstone. A finely-crafted golden setting reveals the inimitable artistry of Chopard. The refined design of the label, with its delicate mashrabiya, evokes the mysterious treasures of an oriental palace. The fine metal stopper, stamped with a seal of excellence, is inspired by the elegant Chopard watch bracelet. The results are substantial, majestic, and highlight the flamboyant warmth of the amber scent within.

The most recent of the three jewels in the Malaki Collection, Amber Malaki is an intensely unique perfume, a distillation of the finest ingredients from the near Orient. With its sensuous, powerful and captivating accords, it represents a truly magical sensory experience. French maître parfumeur Amandine Clerc-Marie worked in close collaboration – and in the strictest confidence – with the House of Chopard to create the third fragrance in the Malaki Collection.

Price List:

-Amber Malaki 80ML: AED475

-Rose Malaki  80ML: AED475

-Oud Malaki 80ML: AED475