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Focusing on the individuality of the modern man, the latest Giorgio Armani Spring-Summer 2016 collection is now available. Instead of going for the rough and tumble world most men are associated with, Armani has decided in going towards a different direction – one of relaxed elegance.

The collection is interesting to say the least, with a consistency that is present in all the outfits. Soft shades of colors are ever-present, faded blue and mellow greys are combined to create harmonious flows that create a life of its own. A selection of patterns and motifs bring out the sophistication in the textures and even the colors.

Reminiscent of a time long gone, the outfits are the latest in a trend of nouveau chic that unites the past with the present. Even the fabrics are a combination of this trend, alternating silky surfaces with wool fabrics. The accessories also manage to add just the right amount of spice with fedoras, slim belts and mottled bags making a comeback.

So if you’re looking for a look that gives off a relaxed yet sophisticated, check out the rest of the collection at select boutiques in the region.