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A Clash of Rhythms

With the Milan fashion week going on in full swing, Salvatore Ferragamo has just shown off his latest Menswear collection for the Spring-Summer 2016. It features a mixture of personality, lightness, and a concept of clashing rhythms. The overall aesthetic of this collection is the result of the combination of several factors to emphasize an enlightened carefree attitude.

The well-cut but relaxed lines underscore the surfaces enhanced by stripes, inserts and pinstripes. The collection is enriched by a wardrobe that purposely uses misaligned precision: high-waist trousers with sharp creases, short jackets and mackintoshes with a slightly odd profile. If you are looking for a more formal look, the dry wool suits feature off-colour pinstripes enhanced by bold stitching perfect for almost every occasion. The cotton shirts are also interesting, sporting broad stripes that never completely converge.  On the other hand, the compact sweaters feature broken stripes that alternates between leather inserts and raffia embroidery while opposing geometric lines lend to the materials used in its making. Some shirts also use the imagery of cactuses and monkeys that appear whimsically on patches and embroidery.

This collection also uses an interesting array of colors to complement each other like soft mellow colour patterns that merges with brown, khaki and beige that are heightened by splashes of turquoise, pink and cactus green. However black is the link that blends and mellows the palette together creating a strange rhythmic harmony.

Just like with any good outfit, you do need to see what the accessories are like and Ferragamo does not disappoint. Using an array of different features, the accessories such as the sandals and gym lace-ups use high rubber soles and fringes on toecaps some with snakeskin finishes. A combination of sharp graphics and luxurious materials bring this collection together as well as the abstract geometrics and organic textures, giving you a style that is unique.