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Sarab got the chance to chat with the extremely talented Abdulaziz Al-Duwaisan about his style of photography and editing. Abdulaziz, otherwise known as ‘Bonmr’ with his whopping 238,000 Instagram followers, tells us about his work in images that evokes the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

“I did outdoor portrait photography. I would head down to the Freezone or other popular places and capture the faces of working people. I did that for an entire year then shortly after I got into editing and drawing on the photographs. At first, people were skeptical about the technique then it started getting more attention and recognition, and I was asked to run workshops on how to alter the perspective of an image.

It took test run after test run for me to get it right because I wanted to present work that was so rich and vivid, so full of details that it would make the highest quality images.

I tend to draw inspiration from anything and everything around me, whether objects, situations or words.

Recently I’ve been working on a couple of projects for clients in the industry as well as branching out into the region.”

Abdulaziz gives workshops in Dubai, Bahrain and Kuwait as well as online courses that have grabbed many people’s attention.