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Don’t drink it; build our own touch of greenery on your desk, table top or even in your bathroom with a little help from the folks down under.

Lesley Williams, the South Australian creator of the ‘Moss Sanctuary’, was quite literally driven by the compulsion, by the idea that every space, however humble, however spaced out, could benefit from a touch of greenery. And she was right.

Created to cater for people on the run, who don’t have time to tend a little plant but still crave something growing, something alive nearby, the moss sanctuary is a perfect solution to a pressing need Williams heard time-and-time again.


Here’s how it works. You find your own little bit of moss, and from her side, she provides you with a pair of tweezers, a microfiber cloth for shining your acrylic container and an easy-care template on how to keep your little bit of moss neat-and-tidy. The moss container also has a window at the base to control the airflow with the changing seasons.

“The tear-drop shape of the lid gathers condensation,” explains Williams, “and it funnels droplets to form a raindrop at the tip of the stalactite providing your sanctuary with its own water cycle. Water drops onto the moss itself as it absorbs water through its leaves not its roots.”

Equally interesting is that a kickstarter campaign has surpassed its goal to reach 30,000 (AUD) Australian dollars to fund the creation of the Sanctuary Mossarium.