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Abolish Article 153 Group Tackles Controversial Campaign Head-on

If a man finds his wife, daughter, mother or sister in an adulterous relationship, and he kills her or her partner right away, he will face no more than three years in jail and/or pay a fine of only 225KD according to Article 153 of Kuwait’s penal law.

Abolish Article 153 is a controversial campaign fought by women and men against this law.

The Abolish Article 153 group recently organized an artistic event bringing together15 artists from Kuwait, Iran and Lebanon in a group exhibition at Kuwait’s Contemporary Art Platform in Kuwait on May 16, 2015.This remarkable exhibition celebrated 10 years since the day Kuwaiti women attained their rights the 16th of May 2005.

The Abolish Article 153 group also intends to raise funds for the campaign itself and to continue to spread awareness through art especially as many Kuwaiti women do not know about Article 153 in Kuwaiti law. Through these art pieces, the role of women in society and the importance of equality between the sexes (genders) was highlighted—and how violence can hold societies back preventing them from evolving and growing.