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‘Tis the season to get your footwear jollies with the latest collaboration between Adidas and Bonpoint for Spring/Summer 2016. The new footwear collection for kids comes with a variety of different styles that inspires kids of all ages.

This year’s surprise presents the reimagining of two icons from Adidas, the Stan Smith and the Superstar. The Stan Smith comes in white leather and features two different colors – yellow and blue for babies and children or a yellow and green for teens.

The Superstar comes in suede that comes in a unisex version that is blue with white stripes for babies (and children) or blue and yellow stripes for teens. The girl’s version of the superstar comes in coral with cream stripes for the youngsters while the teen’s version comes in cream color with coral stripes.

For the young’uns there is the choice of Velcro straps while the teens get laces. The design doesn’t end there, the sneakers have the logos of Adidas, the Superstar and Stan Smith discreetly placed around the shoe, just to add a little flair.

The collection is currently available at Bonpoint’s in Dubai at The Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Mall.