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AIGNER is celebrating its 50th anniversary by releasing a new collection ‘Genesis’. Dedicated to founder Etienne Aigner and inspired by his native country of Hungary, this anniversary collection mixes traditional folk-styled dresses with a variety of contemporary twists. To some, this collection may seem like a throwback to a bygone era, except for the way the designs are able to present themselves, modern and trendy.

Beck manages to incorporate a few techniques to make this collection unique, from using embroidery and vivid color, to the use of leather and fur. The main highlight of ‘Genesis’ has to be the floral icon print that continues to recur as a constant theme throughout the collection. It features itself in a wide variety of patterns and embroidery.

Even the accessories that come in tandem with this collection manage to maintain both an authentic and stylish flair. Genesis also uses a variety of emboss and prints to make a bag that truly stands out from the crowd.

This collection is currently available in all AIGNER stores across the Middle East.