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The Al-Seef exhibition at Contemporary Art Platform stretches out through March 31, 2015. ‘Al-Seef’ in colloquial Arabic translates into ‘Water’s Edge’ in English evoking the idea of stretches of land located along a coastline. Water in all its dimensions has been a crucial part of thriving civilizations, cities, towns and settlements not only for survival but also for travel and trade, which brought wealth and power with it. Water has also been the very medium for political clashes and wars extending over vast territories.

Moreover water is culture, in the sense that it has been, and continues to be, embedded in the way people and states live, in their religions and rituals, indeed in their very legends and stories.

The exhibition is a window into several distinct episodes of history, where closeness to water has either shaped or played a significant part in the development of place. The exhibition shines a spotlight on select and specific areas of a stage, highlighting several individual moments of history, which unfolded along a coastal regions — most
importantly in the presence of eminent waters.

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