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To create Ambre Éternel, Thierry Wasser’s unique approach guided his steps to the Middle East, like a scientific traveler. He returned with powerful silage that makes the ideal scent for men and women alike. Contrary to Western tradition that often associates amber with the gourmandize of vanilla, in the East it belongs to a drier, woodier perfume family.

The main ingredient in this amber accord is Ambergris, which gives Ambre Éternel its sensual, voluptuous character. It is a rare and precious raw ingredient, naturally secreted by the sperm whale, whose fi ne qualities are revealed after several years’ oxidation under the action of seawater and the sun’s rays. Thierry Wasser meticulously chose different blocks of ambergris on the basis of their iodine, warm or animal scent to create an exceptional blend, known as a communelle, and thereby obtain the perfect amber note.


This note, traditionally extracted through a maceration process, will be used in the fragrance’s composition in the form of a tincture to preserve all of its purity. The amber accord then unfolds, roused by the spicy facets of cardamom and coriander, before delicately melting into a blend of orange blossom absolute, leather and woody notes.

The intense fragrance unveils its splendor in its bottle in tones of amethyst and gold adorned with a label inspired by Guerlain’s heritage, set off with a plum ribbon. An invitation on a sensory journey to the heart of the fascinating East.

Available from 1 February 2016.