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AMPL Smart Backpacks

Gadget lovers unite! Here’s a new battery-powered backpack on its way to retain the juice in your devices.

Introducing the world’s most advanced portable charging system integrated directly into the fabric of the bag.

This unique, and outstanding, technology breakthrough not only provides protection for all the gadgets you know and love but also comes with an option to charge up to sevenyes, you read it rightseven devices on-the-go.

How does it work? The smart backpack contains embedded sensors monitoring the weather conditions & power flows, and warns you if you misplaced it some place. Also it holds up to 10 of your devices (laptops and tablets included).

Water resistant? No problem. Durable and light, you’ll be worry-free about your devices running out of battery juice ever again. 


343 4th Avenue, Suite 201 San Diego


+1 844 267-5522