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Aristo-what? AristoCrazy

Giuseppe Zanotti always impresses Sarab with its collections (shown to us teasingly with sneak peeks) and their new Fall/Winter 2015 collection is no different. Titled AristoCrazy, this collection embodies the right amount of classic elegance with innovation.

The many items in its collection have just the right amount of aristocracy by using unique embroidery and exquisite materials that are great for just about any occasion. Made to appeal to strong and sophisticated women, Zanotti uses ultra-feminine yet asymmetrical shapes and the ability to select multiple heel-height options to allow AristoCrazy to insert that little bit of drama into your wardrobe rather than real life.

Zanotti uses a lot velvet, brocade and shiny glitter to dazzle those around you.Some heels will wrap around your foot and enhance the silhouette, others follow a more traditional stiletto but with twist! Such as Alice, the Aristo-Rock style, is a combination of elegance and Rock’N’Roll. Sleek lines, low-cut silhouette and a crystal zipper recall effortless glam.

The designer was not shy about trying new things and these shows in the design of the accessories which may not to everyone’s taste, but innovative enough to tickle someone’s fancy. A very interesting collection to say the least and worth a look!