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Armani Junior is back with a new collection for your little ones for the Fall/Winter 2015 collection. A combination of luxury and comfort, spoil your kids with clothes for all ages. The collection features many styles for both girls and boys.

Armani has used a variety of materials to ensure comfort for your kids, ranging from fleece to soft wool. The color palette ranges greatly for those adventurous parents who like to try new things. Even the texture for the belts and accessories are interesting; the use of snakeskin on belts and camouflage will truly make your kids stand out.

If being adventurous is not your cup of tea, Armani has also included traditional items that are both cute and endearing. There are a few items that also sport more traditional colors of pink and blue.

This collection is currently available at the Armani Junior store in 360 mall, so take a look and see what you may like.