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Not only known for their pens and accessories, Montblanc has released a new collection of backpacks for the modern-day explorer. Coming in three designs, the Meisterstück Soft Grain, Montblanc Extreme and Signature Black comes the new range is available in medium or large sizes. Each is designed to be versatile (some more formal than others) featuring a wide range of pockets and pads to keep your valuables safe from harm.

However these backpacks are not designed for wilderness, but suited for a more urban environment. The Soft Grain backpack is more discreet, yet elegant, and is made with Italian leather and wears the Montblanc emblem with a palladium ring. The Extreme line is slightly different, sporting a more carbon look and has black aluminum fittings. The Signature Black series is more durable as it is water resistant and does have a certain limited amount of resistance to abrasions and stains as well as being stylish.

These bags were made to be suitable for any occasion an urban traveler would have to deal with and are available at all Montblanc boutiques worldwide.