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Balmain and H&M have really outdone themselves this time. As part of H&M’s autumn guest collaboration with Balmain (known worldwide as a bastion of luxury), and under the guidance of Olivier Rousteing, they have released their latest collection and had a launch party to celebrate the occasion.

Using Balmain’s social media presence as well Rousteing’s multitude of followers on Instagram, H&M invited fans to join in on the phenomenon with the hashtag #HMBalmaination. The hashtag is raging success on Instagram with over 21,000 posts so far and truly shows the power of social media. Rousteing also got a lot of star power behind him as his friends Kendal Jenner and Jourdan Dunn walked with him showcasing a sneak peek of the new collection to the world at this year’s Billboard Music Awards.

As for the collection itself, it is unique to say the least. The collection features a lot of flairs that uses some updated throwbacks from Rousteing’s first collections. Leather jackets hugging the waist combined with dark colors giving a sensual yet mysterious look. There are some pieces that might feel a little too showy, but that is all part of the showbiz motif that shows the creativity at work.

Beads graciously adorn most of the collection in geometric shapes or in designs that display regality. Long elegant dresses are perfect for any evening soiree especially if you want to make a statement.

This collection isn’t for everyone, but for those ready to explore, you are sure to be rewarded with a variety of accessories that will satisfy even the most adventurous in fashion taste. The collection will be available in about 250 stores worldwide and online from November 5th.