An island nation Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean and is northeast of Madagascar. It is about 1,600 km (994 mi) east of Kenya.

Time zone

– 459 km2 (198th)



Seychellois rupee (SCR)

Official language:
The Seychelles have three official languages: English, French and Creole. Of the three Creole is by far the most popular, spoken by 95 percent of the people

We wanted to choose a name that evoked, at to us, the values, which we think Banyan Tree stands for, and that was … romance and intimacy.” Mr Ho KwonPing

Famous around the world, the Banyan tree is the place where Buddha searched for truth, and found it under its spreading branches. For in days gone by, the Banyan tree provided welcome shelter to weary travelers symbolizing the relief and comfort provided by nature herself.

And so it is that Singapore owner Mr. Ho and his wife adopted this name for their special group of hotels—now growing to 36—that stretch across the globe offering rest-and-relaxation to the worldweary. For Banyan Tree is also the name of the bay that found a particular place in his heart forever, where he and his wife first met …

And as for me, this is where I discovered a place like no other.

A place that blends all luxuries together in such a unique way that you are left with only one thing left to do—live on Cloud Number 9.

The unique presence of this majestic banyan tree embraces you, capturing your soul and elevating it to another level of existence—another level of relaxation and of euphoria that I think a human being can only feel in some other world, the world of the sublime, the infinite, the world of the divine.

The deeper you let yourself go into the embrace of time itself moment by moment in this resort, the deeper is the feeling of being lifted above the mundane, the earthly, and being transported to another plane of experience. And it overwhelms you as you let yourself go. Trust me.

The colors of the ocean, the greeneries of the hills, the flora and the horizon widen your sights, the sound of crashing waves envelops your hearing while the scents of the day—it was orange that day—opens your soul to feelings that have been shadows for too long, half remembered dreams.


Here, We Have No Weather

Located a lovely 35-minute drive from the airport, Banyan Tree Seychelles gives you the seclusion and the sense of place you long for. And crucially it is the success of giving you both the seclusion and the place that gives this resort the particular sense of being extra-special anchored within Seychellois architectural high ceilings,
ethnic woven tiles, open deck verandas, and louvered doors.

What can I say about the weather but that it is superbe. And when I asked about spring weather the most bizarre answer came my way: here we have no weather! Meaning, it’s the same all year long; meaning it’s perfect every day of the month and every day of the year—30ºC by day and 26ºC by night.

Still waiting to be conquered? The spa and lounge area overlooks the ocean. The scents, the special creole tea, the welcome and the room experience conquer everything in its path.

For the most intense experiences emanate from the room where your massage takes place.

All open glass so you’re set overriding the ocean. And the blue horizon accentuated by scents of the day. Some feelings are difficult to translate into words and this, my friend, is one of them. No exaggeration. You need to try it. Put in on your bucket list.

The small shop in the spa has designed some travel souvenirs from above the clouds at Cloud 9. I would recommend some special scents for home.

Planning the Perfect Trip!

Dubai to the Seychelles is 4.5 hours. Kuwait to Dubai is approximately one hour 45 minutes. (No visa needed for Middle Eastern passport)

Two regional airlines fly to Seychelles: Emirates and Etihad (operated by Air Seychelles) fly 3 times a day. Just make sure you select proper connecting times. Escape Calendar: It’s the same all year long; meaning it’s perfect every day of the month and every day of the year—30ºC by day and 26ºC by night.

Contact Banyan Tree Seychelles front desk:
eMail: seychelles@banyantree.com
Tel: +248 438 3500

Banyan Tree Seychelles

As a small piece of advice, I would say that no shoes are needed for this piece of paradise; perhaps flipflops instead? For the epitome of a relaxing retreat, try out their renowned spa for a cloud number 9 experience.

"It can be the romance of travel, the romance of being in a beautiful fishing village... and that is essentially the essence of Banyan Tree... captured, I think, in the origins of the name itself." - Mr Ho KwonPing

While the beach strip is primarily home to turtles, the resort is trying to augment its stewardship role to this endangered species by conserving them on its premises using old Jacuzzis, each one containing a rare species of turtles (sometimes found in the gardens). Special experts continue to f...

Proud People: This is where I discovered that it’s the people that make the resort special. Hillside pool villa Perched on a hilly slope and surrounded by abundant flora, which increase the feeling of seclusion, this villa features an indoor sunken bath, personal outdoor jacuzzi, private re...

Whether it is bubbles on the rocks, or a grill by the beach with your own private butler, Banyan tree gives you the choice to pick whatever tickles your fancy

Under the directives of the minister of agriculture himself, a special garden is set to open in the resort as Bayan Tree Seychelles has begun to cultivate all kinds of its own fruit and vegetables. The objective is to deepen the relationship between guests and nature, to re-enforce the resort...

The sense of place is especially felt in the soul of the people

Seychellois carry their culture in their hearts. And the people who work here are behind what makes your stay a great one. Always smiling, ready to greet you, to go out of their way to make you happy even if your request is sometimes closer to a caprice than to a need, ready to spoil you and it’s this very special attitude of heart that adds up to the overwhelming feeling of this Banyan Tree Seychelles

“It is the people here that make the difference here” Ricardo Suarez, GM Banyan Tree Seychelles

Finally since adages sum up what to expect from such a resort as this in the Seychelles, let me quote a famous Seychellois:

“Walk with your slippers until you can find your shoes”

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