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Indulge your body in the latest from Molton Brown with its new Body Polishers collection. More than just a collection cream, Brown presents a mixture of exfoliants and scents that will pamper your senses.

There are four distinct types of cream that you can choose from one of them being the Heavenly Ginger-lily, which contains its namesake of lily and ginger with cardamom and tamanu nut oil; this is an interesting combination that is meant to help keep your skin soft.

If you already have soft enough skin, the Ylang-Ylang cream features a mixture of blended vanilla grains with yuan zhi extract, ylang-ylang flowers and cedar wood oils. This one in particular will give you a tingling sensation meant to calm your skin down.

Want to feel a little livelier? There is Fiery Pink Pepper, an ultra-think cream that is enriched with Guinean pink pepper pods, patchouli and a dash of ginger. Or you could go the way of the koala and experience Eucalyptus cream, another combination that will also help rejuvenate and invigorate your skin.

In any case, each Body Polisher will help maintain and prolong that tan you worked hard all summer for. Each 250ml jar goes for AED 220 and is available at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.