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M Missoni takes on the Wild West with its modern day interpretation of the iconic cowgirl in its latest Pre-Spring 2016 collection.  Blurring time periods, the collection features a blend of different styles going back to the days of the pioneer to the rockabilly style of the 50s, with a contemporary twist of course. Accentuating all the best places to improve the feminine pose, the collection uses a variety of different apparels to bring out the best in every woman.

The collection uses a wide variety of materials to get the point across with top pieces that are slim and knee-high skirts that broaden towards the bottom for that roaring 20s look. They have used a gaggle of different concepts to bring out the best designs like snake-print with dry yarn strings that hang as a decorative fringe. They have also reimagined the use of denim, as it shows up in both yarn and fabric versions with mock tweed stitching. Lace is also an integral part of the collection, that adds the right amount of flair to both the necklines or skirt hems.

The use of vibrant colors also plays greatly into the design of the pieces as it adds a certain definition to the clothes. Bright red, midnight blue and many others are used to create a contrast that brings out the patterns greatly. The use of motifs such as horseshoe and cactus prints, combined with redesigned cowboy boots really adds a dynamic that stimulates the outfits. A healthy amount of inserts are spread throughout the collection, which simply adds to its mystique.

You can check out a sneak-peak of the collection below and hopefully you’ll find that the interesting motifs used in the M Missoni Pre-Spring 2016 collection will give you the right amount of bounce to your wardrobe.