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Bulgari continues to dazzle with “Le Gemme Orientali” inspired by the gemstones of the Arabian Peninsula. With the help of Master-Perfumer Daniela Andrier, Bulgari has created three magnificent perfumes that smell as good as they look.

Drawing inspiration from the color, light and emotions of these gemstones, Bulgari has created three little adventures called Zahira, Selima and Lazulia, each with its own meaning.

Zahira, meaning ‘shining and luminous’, represented by the magnificent Imperial Topal, a symbol of regality and purity. Selima, meaning ‘serene and calm’, inspired by the Carnelian, symbol of serenity and wealth and Lazulia, meaning ‘deep blue’, inspired by the Lapis Lazuli, the gemstone of royalty and spirituality.

To tie this journey together, Bulgari has created a beautiful bottle that takes its inspiration from the ancient vases the Romans once used to carry precious materials.Each perfume is presented with a captivating arabesque cap inspired by the INTARSIO BVLGARI jewelry collection.

A perfect gift for any woman wanting to highlight her femininity and personality this Eid.