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With the successful resurgence of the superhero genre, how are normal people to experience the feel of wind through your hair and not have to jump out of a plane?

The answer is simple. Drive a convertible.

Now you might be thinking, which one? How about we show you our favorites for this summer’s convertible season instead.

BMW M4 Convertible

Tagline: The ‘Bimmer’ (still pronounced ‘Beemer’)

BMW is a legend in both name and in motor racing history as well. So much so, in fact those BMW enthusiasts still fight over how to pronounce its slang. They’re also very well known for producing some of the world’s best convertibles such as the new M4—it sports a 3.0L twin-turbo charged inline six engine, 425-horsepower and 406lbs of torque. This impressive amount of engineering and ingenuity comes with tech-like carbon ceramic brakes, and the M4 has been clocked to reach 60mph in 4secs (or less).

Mercedes SLK55 AMG

Tagline: Style and ‘Grace’

Not to be outdone by their German counterparts, Mercedes is also another powerhouse of the automotive industry. Mercedes also happens to mean ‘Grace’ in Spanish, which the manufacturer almost always manages to input in some way or the other into their cars.

This is no different with the SLK55, which also carries the trademark luxuries that come standard on all their cars. The SLK55 can also hold its own; sporting a 5.5L handcrafted V8 with 415-horsepower and 398lbs of torque. The SLK55 has been recorded hitting zero to 60mph in 4.5secs.

Snippet: The beauty of a convertible is this: even when the weather outside is terrible, simply press a button, and voila! You’re safely enclosed in the luxury of your own car.

Audi R8 Carbon (M6) Quattro Spyder

Tagline: One with the Wind

Now you might think you’re seeing a German-made automobile bias with this car but the simple fact is that Audi, like its sister companies made in Germany, is good at making cars. Especially convertibles like the Audi R8 Carbon (M6) Quattro Spyder

Yes, the Audi R8 loses a few of the bells-and-whistles that come standard on other luxury cars but it makes up for it—all in the name of one thing. Speed.

The R8 carries a 5.2L V10 turbocharged engine with 525-horsepower and 391lbs of torque. This convertible roadster can reach 60mph in 3.5secs.

While the R8 might be a little harder to handle compared to its compatriots, if you need to get from point A to point B, the Audi R8 will get you there in a flash.

Jaguar F-type R AWD Convertible

Tagline: Where Speed meets Luxury (pronounced ‘Jaaaag’)

The Jaguar—the quintessential British car, the Chariot of Spies like the iconic James Bond himself—has been a symbol of luxury for generations. Where some cars might sacrifice luxury for speed, the Jaguar F-type R simply adds more ingenuity (with the help of their engineers, of course) to sacrifice as little as possible on either end.

The F-type R has a 5.0L V8 supercharged engine with 550-horsepower and 501lbs of torque. It’s not the fastest car compared to other supercars, reaching 60mph in 3.9secs, but it does make up for it with a great handful of options that either comes standard or you can chose to upgrade.

Jaguar F-type R AWD Convertible

Audi R8 Carbon (M6) Quattro Spyder

BMW M4 Convertible

Mercedes SLK55 AMG