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A unique fragrance with a Middle Eastern twist; Chopard releases a new scent, the Rose Malaki as part of its Malaki line. A tribute to the Rose, its long history as integral part of fragrances, the Rose Malaki intertwines a mixture of distinctly oriental smells that can be seductive to the senses.

The first being the Damascena Rose, a vibrant and classical smell that intrigues with its many subtle undertones. This is added to one of the most expensive spices, Saffron. The mixing of these vibrant smells of roses with the warmth and spice of Saffron, Rose Malaki, provides a scent unmatched that will delicately tickle your senses. Chopard also chose Atlas cedar to provide a warm and dewy smell that gives a refreshing feel.

Chopard does not skimp out on the bottle as it is intrinsically designed to evoke fine workmanship and reliable quality. Suitable for both men and women, Chopard’s Rose Malaki is a balance of elegance and luxury that makes the perfect gift for Eid.