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  1. Bohemian Christmas

Cold easterly winds blow through Christmas. Long empire-line dresses, opulent capes, scintillating tiaras, muffs, collars and shoes trimmed with fur, tulle, rhinestones and sequins… an enchanting wardrobe worthy of an empress.

  1. Cerise

Whilst mummy gets to play dollies all year long at Bonpoint, Christmas time is when little girls can dress Cerise in her winter attire. For travelling we prefer the more practical Mini Cerise whose fur hat and boots can be taken off as we slip her into her cosy suitcase bedroom.

  1. The Christmas Set

An ideal gift, the little girl’s Christmas set is just like that of her Cerise doll. In full size or a miniature version, their suitcases are bursting with treasures: a magic wand, a confetti skirt, a cat ears hairband and a golden heart t-shirt.

  1. Precious Baby Doll

Wearing a Liberty print blouse, the baby doll, a Bonpoint classic, in its baby bunting and knitted outfit, is just like a new-born, in need of love and attention. A limited edition series that’s not to be missed.

  1. Christmas Eve

The countdown has begun. In the depths of their playhouse, they write a letter to Father Christmas decorated with fun rubber stamps. On the wall the advent calendar is full of surprises for little girls and hidden gifts for the boys.

  1. Creative Escapade

With buildings, monuments, trees, cars, bridges, wagons and chalk-drawn roads, constructing a city is pure child’s play. Easy to take anywhere, little boys will reveal their inner inventiveness with the PlusPlus building set and car circuit.

  1. The marvellous bestiary

The Bonpoint bestiary is growing. As well as the iconic cat, mummy and daddy rabbit are now joined by their baby. This year the lamb, the tiger, the fox, the dog and the bear are all invited to the party. Let the celebrations begin!

  1. Awakening the Senses

A rabbit or mushroom night light, a cherry or guitar garland, this season is about the softest of lighting. A heady candle is embellished with golden. Other must-haves include the knitted case with a quilted finishing touch.