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Salvatore Ferragamo, in collaboration with Massimiliano Giornetti , have come out with their latest Autumn/Winter 2015-16 collection which focuses heavily on both geometry and rhythm. Geometrically speaking, the design is managed by asymmetrical shapes and lines as well the weight and feel of the garments. The rhythm is most noticeable in the colors, underlined by contrasts and other graphical elements of the dresses.

This collection features a healthy variation of different styles that change theme depending on the graphic or design of the dress. Ferragamo manages to do this by using a variety of techniques such as the use of high waste lines as well as shapes that overlap and are crossed by diagonal lines. This collection also uses cloaks and long tabards to accentuate and punctuate the figure.

Ferragamo uses a wide variety of materials and colors to help tie these designs together. Using combinations of Cashemere or wool (depending on the dress) and contrasting colors (a bit of yellow, red, and black to name a few); he manages to create an almost minimalist feel to some of the dresses. Other dresses maintain a single color but are accentuated either with buttons or lines to really bring out the silhouette of a woman’s figure.