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Do you need a little more Rita Ora in your life? Well look no further with Cosmic Confession collection for Fall-Winter 2015 in collaboration with Adidas Originals. The latest collection from the iconic muse brings out a variety of clothes and shoes built for function yet have an inspiring space-wear chic.

The collection features a selection of silky track pants; boyfriend fit tees and more. Most of the apparel has blue and yellow tones that go across the clothes in three white stripes and trefoils. All items were designed for comfort as well as being unique in its designs such as the remade long sleeve scoop neck maxi dress.

The shoes themselves are unique and contain the most ‘Outer Space’ inspired chic-wear with poofy straps reminiscent of astronaut’s space suits. There are also the traditional laced-shoes which have a gold band that sits at the ankles.

The collection is perfect for when you just really want to take a minute and languish in comfort. Currently, the Cosmic Confession collection will be available for lift-off from November 2015.