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Adding a little bohemian to the mix, Coach has unveiled its latest Spring Summer 2016 RTW collection. The collection feels like an exploration of American styles combined in a fusion of culture and counterculture.

Creating something with a bit of a nostalgic charm, the collection features a variety of motifs with dresses made from micro-floral multicolored patchworks and imperfect leathers. It’s like ‘Little house on the Prairie’ meets the surfer, skate and punk cowgirl style but made elegantly. The colors are numerous ranging from light to dark colors, with   use of contrasts to create  a unique style that is steal pleasing to the eye as well as more subtle tones.

Joined together as a celebration of imperfections that gives character, the collection truly is for ladies that are ready to explore their individuality. That isn’t to say Coach’s latest collection is just humdrum. They manage to incorporate both Utility and Luxury, by making it easy to wear in a slip on and go fashion while still making a statement in terms of quality. Even the accessories fit the theme with traditional saddle-leather bags making a comeback and functional cut-down cowboy boots made for both looks and comfort.

The collection is currently available throughout the Gulf and in mono-brand boutiques in Kuwait.