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Emporio Armani has come out with their latest Autumn/Winter 2015-16 collection “Crossing Colors”, made of cross-culture references and comfort knitwear. Vital, vital in terms of volume and proportions, multicultural, the collection is made of overlaps. It focuses on Eastern patterns, comfort of knitwear, unusual detail and a strong urban feel characterized by presence of jerseys.
Precious color scheme and rich tones of ruby, emphasize on purity and stimulate the senses, the women’s collection presents a range of accessories and designs featuring knee high skirts, sleeveless garments that define the shoulders, ruffles that can be turned into belts, bag straps and necklaces. Crossing colors also includes small shoulder bags and shoes decorated profoundly in classic pattern and elegance.
This collection also provides total comfort knitwear in the men’s section. A strong urban feel characterized by comfort and aesthetic dimensions. The fabric is detailed in traditional Japanese calligraphy and abstract brush strokes which outline the shape of the trousers or completely profile the jacket.
An essential collection in comfort, volumes and proportions no doubt.