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Meet the Dancing Barista from Toronto, Canada! The youngster gets jiggy with it as he’s making the lattes people crave during the morning – while his moves may seem sporadic and people are more into his exuberance – Sam the Dancing Barista is autistic. The movements that he has refined into a type of dance is part of the problem associated with Autism, he has difficulty standing still.

The viral video was recorded by Carly Fleischmann and is quickly spreading throughout the internet as an example that autistic people simple need chance.  Given the job by his boss, simply identified as Chris – the road was with its ups and downs as they worked together to give Sam an opportunity of a lifetime to channel his movements into a dance people can get behind.

Sam was so overjoyed with working behind the bar for the first time that he told his parents that for the first time he felt that his life had meaning. As part of Carly’s birthday wish, she would like people to share the video to spread awareness, so check out the video below and spread the word of the dancing barista.