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The iconic car of the hit movie series ‘Back to the Future’ is making a come back – flux capacitor not included. After a troubled run since its inception by John DeLorean in 1975, the car had a few faults that made it unpopular amongst consumers – one of a few is that it did not have roll down windows, just a hatch. Until the movie skyrocketed to fame once again, but it wasn’t enough to save it.


The DeLorean as seen in the film ‘Back to the Future’

While the company shuttered productions, it still maintained a website to allow people to purchase pre-owned DeLoreans especially since only 9000 were ever built. Honestly in our opinion, who wouldn’t want to own one? With its gull-wing doors and futuristic design (I know we’re fanboys over here at Sarab – forgive us).

No word out yet on the new design or its specifications except for the price tag of less than $100,000 USD – at least that’s what the makers are hoping for and that is expected to roll out in 2017.  Since we really couldn’t find a video about it, check out a video below of the DeLorean in action from the iconic movie ‘Back to the Future’.