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Fendi has recently released its new limited edition collection, the Crazy Carats watches, which incorporate many of Fendi’s unique trademarks and fur. Using a combination of both diamonds and sapphires to accentuate the luxuriousness of their timepieces (with the fur added as a backdrop) is homage to Fendi’s own unique history.

The Crazy Carats collection attempts to use these unique combinations in a myriad of ways such as using a striped monochrome mink band with a strap made from fine alligator skin. Further glamour lies in the combination of gems used from pink and blue sapphires to white diamonds, depending on the timepiece.

Fendi has also allowed the wearer to customize what color the hour marker represents with a simple twist of the crown. Each gem nestles snuggly around the watch enhance its sparkle.

Two models also have a fully diamond pavé case and center dial while the other two have a diamond bezel and a diamond circlet on the dial which has a sunray center. The mink striped band can be slipped off to reveal a black or white alligator strap suitable for daily wear.

Since these watches are limited editions, only fifty are being made, each engraved with its own number and with a signed note from designer Silvia Venturini Fendi.