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The latest from Dior, the Soie Dior (‘Dior silk’ in French) collection by Victoire de Castellane has been released and what a sight they are. Named after Silk, this collection of high jewelry takes the colors of silk and combines them in the form of a ribbon set with beautiful stones of almost every variety. The bracelets, earrings and rings are shaped into pleats, scrolls and twists set with a selection of precious gemstone.

There are quite a few unique pieces that should suit the taste of even the most fickle lady, such as the bracelet in the shape of a pleat that holds a pink sapphire between two waves decorated with gold. Another piece holds a pear-cut diamond suspended between two tails. This collection really tries to embody the suppleness of silk as gems connect to form a beautiful flow of jewelry.

Each piece is carefully adorned with gold while some contain diamonds that are composed of different cuts (marquise, baguette, oval, pear and brilliant) mounted at various heights so that it accentuates their shiny finishes.