North-east Turkey

Time zone
UTC + 2:00

– 4685 km2


TL, Turkish Liras

Official language:

A land of history, culture, art and enough natural beauty for you to rejuvenate all of your senses

This is a city of true historical treasures that has survived a multitude of years. Not only does Trabzon bring you this but also cultural richness, vivid art and natural beauty as far as the eye can see.

I had the pleasure of flying business class on Turkish Airlines from Kuwait to Trabzon, stopping over in Istanbul before continuing on my journey. (That experience alone is something that I’d urge you to try).

On-and-off the aircraft the service was impeccable; the food surreally delicious, cooked to `with an immaculate attention to detail which qualifies as an art form to any food connoisseur.

Don’t get me started on the lounge! Let’s just say that the lounge is bigger than many international airports and features a huge variety of activities to keep you from being bored or uncomfortable even if you’re delayed with a long layover.


A Journey Around Trabzon

Touching down in Trabzon, your first feeling is that this really is a completely equipped city minus the traffic and the congestion of Istanbul. I headed to Zorlu, a five-star hotel that exceeds all expectations. Zorlu has to be one of the very few luxury hotels that I’ve seen that offers A to Z service, everything you need, all with an air of superior service and friendliness.

The location is ridiculous: I mean that in a great way. Literally it’s located on one of Trabzon’s main streets, a couple of minutes from the city center and shopping area. Be prepared to doll out some cash because if you would trust me, it’s about the options here—they’re
endless. Trabzon is so rich in culture and heritage that the food and the art are irresistible. They’re famous for their teas, hazelnuts (Ferrero himself agrees), gold, silver and copper work, and so much more that you’ll want to splurge.

From Trabzon city my adventures began with so many landmarks to see, and so little time! I started with Sumela Monastery and what a way to kick-start! Built in 395, this monastery stands tall and proud with its roots dug deep into the mountains of Trabzon; in fact it’s so beautiful a sight that I wondered how an edifice that size was actually built right into the mountain rocks.

My next stop was Uzungol, situated on an altitude on 1090m. Uzungol is a natural lake — so breathtaking and serene — that you’ll want to stay for the night in one of the hotels or bungalows situated around it. The region is known for its creativity with woodwork: I could see it driving through the place.

Discover Trabzon

If the choas of the city is too much for you to handle, and you are looking for a quiet and chilled out retreat, head to Zigana for some peace and beauty River Rafting and Zip lining are only a few of the activities that you can experience in Firtina Vadisi

Uzungol is one of the most beautiful landscapes that you could witness. If you happen to get there, check out their crazy artistic woodwork

When it comes to historical sights there are so many to see. A good place to start would be Rize and its valleys and rivers.

Hit the roads of Trabzon's city center on foot, and be prepared to walk, eat and shop till you drop with their unlimited options of beautiful artisans.

Planning the Perfect Trip!

Flight Connections: Hop aboard Turkish Airlines with a pitstop in Istanbul. Kuwait to Istanbul takes approximately 4 hours, and then a short hour and a half flight will have you ready to go in Trabzon.

Escape Calendar: April through September are best for the most enjoyable weather ranging from 20°C to 27°C. A winter escape is quite beautiful as well depending on your overall preference.

Contact Zorlu Grand Hotel front desk:
+90 (462) 326 84 00

A land of history, culture, art and enough natural beauty for you to rejuvenate all of your senses

After Uzungol my plan was to head to Firtina Vardisi but, on the way
there, I stopped in Rize, which, I discovered, was an absolutely necessary pit stop for Huzur.

Words fail me. By far Huzur is the best shawarma place you’ll ever find —the locals swear by it. With a full stomach, pure joy and a 45-minute drive ahead, I finally set out for Firtina Vardisi, a valley with a running river, so breathtaking and strong that it captured my attention. But that’s not the main attraction.

The bridges are the main attraction built along the river and dating
back to Ottoman times, bridges still standing strong, oozing in history.

If you happen to head here in good weather, what better adventures await than river rafting under these historical bridges?

Or if you’re a fan of zip lining, visit Osmanli Alabalik restaurant, which has a zip line ready for you to ride.

I wondered whether traveling into this area would be a challenge with people who speak little English but I soon discovered that the people of Trabzon go out of their way to understand what you need. I also found that quite a few speak or understand Arabic.

Trabzon is the ultimate family retreat. I recommend that you rent your own car to have the freedom to see it yourself especially with all this beauty, history and culture so near at hand.


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