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Taking us down memory lane, Coach’s latest Fall Winter 2016 Men’s collection takes the style of hip-hop from the 70s and the style of early Rockers. Adding a dash of contemporary style, the collection is a cool blend of relaxing outerwear combined with different motifs of a more stubborn nature.

The collection features easy-to-wear styles injected with a certain amount of sophistication. The color palette embraces a dark ensemble – black, muted greys and urban green – with an occasional yellow and red to provide contrast (depending on the outfit obviously). Accessories take a step back in this collection, adding to and completing the outfits – the addition of dog tags and modest shoes of a more classical style that may make them ensembles seem thrifty, simply adds to the appeal.

Shearling jackets make a comeback in the upcoming season and it doesn’t end there, the collection features many different styles make a splash, liker bomber jackets and leather jackets. Slim-cut trousers are paired with various different styles, half-zip shirts embellished with oversized zippers.

The use of motifs is heavy in this collection, with many alternatives for the discerning male with style in mind to choose from. Check out the preview below for a better look at what the collection has to offer.