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Who says flowers can’t smell a little fruitlike? Not Marc Jacobs that’s for sure, especially with his new ‘Daisy Dream Forever’ eau de parfum made in collaboration with both Alberto Morillas and Ann Gottlieb. This perfume boasts a fresh fruity and floral scent that comes in a sleek but elegant 50ml bottle.

Daisy Dream Forever contains a variety of scents to tickle the senses ranging from Blackberry to Jasmine just to name a few. This gives the perfume a unique scent that also masks a tinge of sweetness meant to compliment the opulent fruit scent.

Lastly, the design of the bottle is interesting to say the least as the bottle is made of a translucent deep blue glass that is adorned with blue daisy petals maintaining a familial resemblance to its predecessor. The differences lay in the frost blue daisy on the bottle and the cap, as the Daisy Dream Forever sports an elegant silver top.

For those interested in trying it out something new in time for the new fall season check out Vavavoom and Debenhams as it is currently available for KD28.4.