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Dubai Launches F-Pace

A historic world first has just been accomplished by British luxury brand Jaguar for its Middle East launch of the All-New F-PACE performance SUV.

In a fitting tribute to the renowned city of firsts Dubai was a worthy choice for Jaguar to launch the F-PACE, the brand’s first SUV, to the Middle East region with a jaw-dropping show on the façade of the city’s globally renowned iconic landmark – Burj Khalifa.

The spectacle culminated in the dramatic reveal of the Jaguar F-PACE, elevated almost six metres off ground-level, framed in a rainbow of fireworks to a choreographed finale. A synchronised reveal of the car also took place beside the Horse 2007 statue by Fernando Botero at The Dubai Mall promenade level in front of Burj Khalifa and was later available to guests for an up close and personal experience.