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With the Eaux de Rituels, Guerlain has created charming perfume rituals that add a delightful note to the personal arena in a fragrant embrace. Irresistible, refined and elegant rituals offering concentrated pleasure, each a truly reassuring caress housed in a frosted glass bottle.

Irresistible : eau de lit

Eau de Lit is a floral, fresh and musky composition, a few drops of which are placed on your pillow or sheets in the evening… the morning, or the afternoon. Whenever you wish. A fragrance that offers an invitation to enjoy the present moment, to slip between thick sheets, prolong the tenderness of early morning nestled in a cosy cocoon, or create an atmosphere conducive to enchanted evenings.

The top: the satiny freshness of bergamot and coriander leaves, with star anise.

The heart: floral notes of neroli and sage.

The base: a duo of vanilla and white musk that softens cedar wood.

Refined: eau de lingerie

With Eau de Lingerie, Guerlain has fashioned a fragrance with subtle outlines, a beautiful work of olfactory lace. This composition – sprayed onto a lace strap or a silk bow – beautifully enhances the intimate sphere. A delicious and refined ritual that takes place in the secret of the bedroom and is worn like a caress next to your heart. When it reveals its fragrant trail, underwear becomes outerwear. Refinement just for you, to share with whomever it may concern.

The top: ambrette with green and fruity accents.

The heart: floral notes of iris and rose.

The base: a trio of white musk, vanilla and sandalwood.

Elegant : eau de cashmere

A great lover of cashmere, Thierry Wasser has created a new ritual infused with comfort and elegance, a gentle, fragrant refrain worn close against your body. Eau de Cashmere evokes the softness of the most beautiful fabrics worn next to the skin or to protect the most exposed areas from the cold, like a warm breath in the crook of the neck. Spray the fragrance on your pullovers, scarves and any piece you like. It’s chic yet comforting.

The top: the vivacity of mandarin and bergamot, the spicy/peppery facet of pink peppercorn.

The heart: an iris note and a touch of lavender.

The base: woody notes of cedar and vetiver, vanilla and a powdery white musk and heliotrope duo.