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Embrace The Jamaican Vibe, Ting Irie

Dubai’s reputation as a melting pot of cultures is being further strengthened by an array of new and exciting eateries that cater to all tastes, satisfying both residents and visitors’ appetite for international cuisines and innovative dishes. And just as you have developed a new taste, a new restaurant, Ting Irie, opens its doors ready to tempt you with a new culinary twist. It’s name means ‘everything’s alright’ and this lively joint guarantees authenticity by importing ingredients like Scotch bonnet peppers and pimento seeds directly from Jamaica.  The unmistakable Caribbean dishes are brought to life by celebrated chef Craig Wong, who is also not afraid to combine a few more local flavours too. Don’t miss the ‘chips Oman burger’, for instance.  With such tasty renditions on offer, Ting Irie is more than just alright!
Dubai is the destination for those with a constant craving for new food trends.