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Customers are not happy with the way Kylie Jenner’s infamous Lip Kits are being delivered. Even those who waited are getting impatient with the lack of availability of the product. Unfortunately the blame sits squarely on C&S Sales, the company in charge of distributing the product that haven’t quite been able to keep up with the popular $29 product.


The troubled lipkit

Many fans are complaining that even though they have bought the product when it was first released, the product has yet to be delivered. Others have expressed their outrage at certain individuals who seem to have purchased large quantities for themselves to resell at exorbitant prices.

It doesn’t help that Kris Jenner teased the product again on Monday (December, 14) and encouraged those interested in the product to order quickly. The second batch sold out just as fast – a popularity that is currently biting the Jenner clan around the posterior. Hopefully they can sort out the debacle quickly before it really gets out of hand.