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From Russia with Love

Fabergé Imperial Eggs are some of the most valuable and exclusive collectable items to cross auction lots from time to time. And whilst these rare Russian creations from the 1800’s and 1900’s are incredibly hard to come by, Fabergé has created a limited line of jewellery charm eggs that are somewhat more attainable. The enchanting miniatures are inspired by the rich detail and artistry of the originals and come in pretty designs featuring gold, gemstones and enamel.

With seven different charm designs in the lineup, they are perfect for a personal collection, or for presenting as gifts. There are chic designs like the ‘simple diamondrose gold charm’ which sees a vertical stipe of intricately placed diamonds nestled among a rose gold egg, and the more vibrant ’emotion green charm’ which features round diamonds, Zambian emeralds, peridots, demantoid garnets and tsavorite garnets. Prices range from between $2,069 and $8,710.

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