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The latest ‘Calypso’ collection by Givori based on the iPhone 6s is currently available with a range of different models. Taking its inspiration from the myths of the high seas, there are three models: Malachite, Mother of Pearl and the Limited Edition Calypso Diamond.

Shaped into the pattern of fish scales, there are a few differences between the styles, the Malachite and Mother of Pearl editions are set in a solid gold frame and in a rose gold frame respectively while Calypso diamond edition frame is draped in 1091 diamonds inlaid in a white gold frame. The finishes are also a different, the ‘Calypso Diamond’ features black platinum embellishing while the other two have a brushstroke finish that push their namesakes forward.

Made for those who greatly appreciate the finer things in life, the ‘Calypso Diamond’ will be limited to 50 pieces and priced at an impressive AED 109,999; The Malachite and Mother of Pearl editions are priced at a comparatively more reasonable AED 22,999.

Since life is unpredictable and you wouldn’t want unfortunate things to happen, Givori has a one-year warranty on all software, cosmetic and jewelry elements. All repairs include a free pick-up and delivery service.

Luxury and Art combine to make a phone that leaves a grand and bold statement, the ‘Calypso’ collection is currently available in Dubai at Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales select Damas jewelry boutiques, and axiom showrooms.