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A pioneer in the art of elegantly adorning the lips, in the 19th century Guerlain discovered “Liquid Bloom of Rose” in England, a liquid tint that was gently dabbed onto lips and cheeks. Reworked by Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain, the House’s founder, it became “Extrait de Roses pour les lèvres”, a tint with exemplary hold that made it a lasting success until 1958.

In 1918, for women keener than ever on lip make-up, Guerlain launched Roselip, the first solid lip colour in a jar. Today the story continues and Guerlain is exploring new ground for the rose with the Bloom of Rose collection, which brings a breath of lightness and well-being to autumn. Invigorating and enveloping must-haves that caress the skin, while offering it vibrant, natural shades to maintain a beautiful, post-holiday glow.

A combination of jojoba oil, fine oils and a rose extract: this cocktail delivers optimal comfort, protecting the skin’s barrier to create lips as soft as rose petals. Rose petal oil that helps to smooth lips: this incredible oil, the fruit of Guerlain expertise, envelops and coats the lips, erasing wrinkles and fine lines to enhance the natural beauty of the mouth. Hyaluronic acid with plumping benefits: it instantly shapes lips to leave them plump, smooth and ultra-glamorous.

Before, there was lipstick for colour and balm for lip care. Now you no longer have to choose. Guerlain has invented its first tinted balm enriched in rose essential oil, combining colour and lip care in one. Delicately pampered, lips become as soft and smooth as fresh, silky petals. Subtly tinted, your mouth boasts a cheerful, gentle and natural sheen. A KissKiss is always at the forefront of trends. This time, for KissKiss Roselip, the elegant tube’s three iconic cubes are adorned in white. A fresh and modern white lacquer coat, set off with a touch of gold in the streamlined style so characteristic of its design. A superb case that you always want to have at hand…