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GUERLAIN Presents Four Poems in Bottles

Guerlain presents four poems in bottles inspired by the four seasons: winter (“L’Hiver”), spring (“Le Printemps”), summer (“L’Été”) and autumn (“L’Automne”). A very limited, signed and numbered edition of about 20 bottles for each of the four original season-fragrances created by Thierry Wasser and showcased by Janaïna Milheiro.
In line with its artistic vocation, Guerlain has always maintained close ties with the fine arts world, giving the most talented French artisans and master craftsmen the opportunity to unite creative freedom and exceptional know-how.
Today, Guerlain gives free rein to Janaïna Milheiro, a young textile designer whose fingers weave pure magic.  A graduate of the prestigious Duperré School of Applied Arts and the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle design school, Janaïna Milheiro, a young French designer of Brazilian origin, discovered feathers during her graduation project in 2011.
A transposition of embroidery techniques, “feather beading” allows her to make extraordinary and evanescent creations in the form of fabric, embroidery and lace.  This unique expertise, developed by the designer, opened the door to numerous collaborations in the haute couture, design and fine arts worlds.
The legendary Quadrilobe bottle, designed by Baccarat in 1908, houses this exceptional collection in a sumptuous 490ml format in translucent crystal.