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This year, the Abeille Royale line composed of exceptional active ingredients –Guerlain Royal Jelly, made in France, and Pure Black Bee Honey from the island of Ouessant – is being enriched with two skincare products that are inventive and effective in equal measure: Honey Smile Lift, Lip & Contour Sculpting Treatment, and Honey Nectar Lotion.

After Gold Eyetech, Eye Sculpt Serum, totally unprecedented eye contour care whose spectacular performance has already won over a host of women, Guerlain is taking their smile in hand with Honey Smile Lift, the first Abeille Royale Lip & Contour Sculpting Treatment.

Our smile is a language, a way of conveying what remains unspoken within us. It reveals whether we are fulfilled, happy, sad, sincere, timid, or seductive. It expresses our pleasure, our contentment, our joys. Honey Smile Lift, the first Abeille Royale Lip & Contour Sculpting Treatment, does not offer mere lip care, but takes comprehensive action on the entire smile area. From wrinkles and fine lines around the lips to the nasolabial folds, it smooths, firms and redefines contours.

In its beautiful frosted honey-toned bottle, Honey Nectar Lotion joins the Abeille Royale beauty ritual as the first step, morning and evening. But make no mistake! This “preparatory” lotion is just as active as it concentrates the exceptional repairing power of scientifically proven bee products. Its role is to boost the effectiveness of Abeille Royale skincare with repeated application. The lotion stimulates the skin’s self-repair ability and infuses it with honey’s essential nutrients.

Abeille Royale is currently available at a Guerlain Point of Sale near you.