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To celebrate its tenth birthday, Orchidée Impériale the cream is paying tribute to its users by adopting a luxurious LIMITED-EDITION birthday design.

True to their aesthetic codes, the box and signature jar have been transformed into an exclusive creation. While a subtly stylised pop-up orchid deploys its blue and gold petals on opening the box, a delicately fashioned flower adorns the gold of the lid.

Orchidée Impériale has been offering women the exceptional for ten years. From Paris to Shanghai, Moscow to New York, through Tokyo, today more than 130,000 have joined the Imperial Circle, the highly privileged programme that allows them to discuss, share and be informed in real time of the very latest news and innovations from their beloved line.

Through the Orchidarium’s research, the Orchid – the ultimate rare fine ingredient – is constantly being reinvented and enriched to endlessly deliver the best of its revitalizing properties.


The perfection of this fine ingredient – to the extent of safeguarding the flower and replanting it in China in its natural habitat, along with increasingly promising results and ever more sumptuous textures all combine to win customers’ total and lasting commitment to the line.

More than unfailing performance and sensory pleasure, Orchidée Impériale provides an unequalled emotional experience and a rare feeling of loyalty.