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A sneak peek has been released by Lanvin for the new Men’s summer 2016 collection and it is interesting to say the least. Mixing a variety of different styles to come up with something imperfect yet contemporary, Lucas Ossendrijver, Director of Lanvin’s menswear collection has created something that’s laidback and chic.

Ossendrijver seeks to make a look for the new man who does not care about the way he looks to others, but is comfortable with his own appearance. This is done in a myriad of ways, a parka with patches and pockets arranged asymmetrically to python print on the lining and hood of different jackets. This does not mean that the material is of lower quality, Ossendrijver still maintains Lanvin’s essence of luxury.

There really isn’t any one source of inspiration; instead Lanvin’s new collection jumps between different eras of fashion, combining them into something that is still appealing to the naked eye. The colors chosen for this collection are a sombre affair, featuring mostly grey and black with the occasional bright color. Ossendrijver even delves into the realm of military chic and places animal/plant prints on t-shirts of varying lengths.

All these combined result in a laidback look that screams audacity but still manages to be elegant, staying true to its theme of imperfection.