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Imperiale Joaillerie World tour of empires

A tireless traveller and insatiable creative spirit, Chopard continues its imperial world tour by offering a new interpretation of the sovereign watch that has become a brand classic. The new Imperiale Joaillerie model retains its aristocratic characteristics, while now enriched by artistic details evoking the Inca civilization.

With the Imperiale line, reinvented in 2010, Chopard succeeds in summing up the quintessence of style and elegance in a watch. Year after year, by combining noble classicism with contemporary aesthetics, the collection forges the image of a modern and refined woman with a distinctive personality.

Synonymous with splendour, power and extreme passions, empires of all eras and every part of the world continue to exercise an inexhaustible and enduring creative influence. After the Coffret de l’Impératrice, launched in September 2015 and celebrating Byzance and the magic of the East, Chopard draws inspiration for its latest creation from South America and the heart of the Inca civilization.