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She’s Britain’s most famous model since Kate Moss but, unlike her catwalk predecessors, she‘s about to become a major Hollywood star. Born into a posh London family, Cara Delevingne graduated from private school onto the catwalk—quickly becoming the face of Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel.

Accumulating as many magazine covers as she does famous friends, she’s besties with Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift. She appears in the video for her pal’s latest song Bad Blood But and a small role in the 2012 movie Anna Karenina piqued interest among movie producers, leading to other small roles in the aptly-named thriller Face of An Angel.

Now cast in upcoming big budget movies Suicide Squad as well as dramas Kids In Love and Tulip Fever, her biggest coup was landing the starring role in upcoming romantic drama Paper Towns.

Cara, 22, tells us about her amazing life and drops names of her A-list besties. 

Q: You’ve come a long way from the catwalk. Do you care a lot about fashion?

Cara: No.

Q: But you’re the face of many fashion houses?!

Cara: Doesn’t mean I care about it. 

Q: You don’t?!

Cara: No, of course, I do. I care enough. I know a lot more people who aren’t in the fashion industry who care about fashion a lot more than I do. I like clothes—just not all the time. I prefer to be naked, what can I say?

Q: In the beginning of Paper Towns, it says that everybody gets ‘miracle’, what’s your miracle?

Cara: My life, generally. Being able to act. Being able to do the things that I love as my job and get paid for them. It’s weird because I would pay to do this generally. Yeah, those are my ‘miracles’. I’ve got a couple.

Q: Did you find ‘the love of your life’ by doing movies? Is this so much better than modeling and singing…?

Cara: I think I have two loves of my life, maybe three: this is definitely one of them. The first time I ever went on stage I fell in love. So the fact that I’m able to do this now is really the biggest best thing in the world.

Q: Can you talk about the first day you were on the set? Do you get nervous? Are you very confident now that you’ve done so much even though you’re just really getting into movies…

Cara: I’m nervous whenever I start anything. Probably modeling. I’m not actually nervous anymore unless I’m doing a catwalk or something.

Q: And how do you handle the nerves?

Cara: I don’t. I’m super-nervous. I’m a super-nervous person, I can’t stop speaking. I get all weird and start doing stupid things.

Q: Such as…

Cara: Like performing on stage at the MTV movie awards, I just fidget. I start eating loads of candy. I start trying to think of things that I’m going to do, which are really weird such as throwing things at people. I just go off on a tangent to try and hide the fact that I’m nervous but it’s blatantly obvious that I am.

Q: You play a really popular girl in that movie, one that knows how to lure a guy out of his shell and into is this contagious, adventurous persona. You look so convincing that I wonder: is there any of you in this character?

Cara: Oh sure. Not in that sense. I mean at school, I wasn’t that person at all. I was probably the opposite.

Q: The opposite? Shy or a wallflower?

Cara: No I wasn’t shy, that’s for sure. But I wasn’t someone who would lure anyone out of their shell. Actually, I’m all about making people feel comfortable. If someone in a group is very shy, I’ll be with them making sure that they’re having a good time.

I like everyone to have a good time, that’s my attitude and spirit… but luring people… I don’t know if Margo’s completely aware of the power that she has over Quentin. I think she doesn’t really like to think about it, is generally that person. I think that’s the way she is. Maybe I’m like that; I’m not sure.

Q: You have 10 million followers on Twitter, so you are pretty alluring. How does it feel to be young and to have that many people looking to you as a role model? Being in the limelight?

Cara: I’m so lucky because there are so many things that I think, there are so many people I want to help especially kids and the youth, and generations to come.

I really want to make a difference: I want to be a good role model. I don’t think I understood the importance of this or what that really meant when I was younger. Because I didn’t know I was a role model until quite recently.

I just want to be a girl that girls can look up to. When I was younger, there weren’t enough strong women role models that I looked up to so now I want to be that.

Q: Who are your role models?

Cara: Now or then?

Q: When you were a little girl…

Cara: When I was a little girl, I had more men as my role models because I was a tomboy. I liked to play with cars and build things. And action men. I also loved the Spice Girls.

Q: Which one?

Cara: It changed. It started as Baby, and then Sporty, and then Geri.

Q: So, which men were role models, I mean, do you remember characters, or actors…

Cara: All the superheroes. I loved them! I don’t think I had any real life—apart from the Spice Girls—I don’t think I looked up to anyone in real life. I think it was more the fictional characters.

Q: Fantasy?

Cara: Fantasy for sure. Now mostly actresses like Meryl Steep and Angelina Jolie—I would love to emulate her career. It’s amazing what she does now especially as a director as well. I would love to be able to do that.

A bunch of my friends are my role models such as Taylor and Rhianna. These hard-working ladies are completely independent, and are amazing.

Q: You hang out? Is it hard to find friends in this industry?

Cara: No.

Q: Paper Towns is about really strong friendship. How important is that to you?

Cara: I love people. And I love my friends more than anything. Friends are family to me in so many ways. I still have all my old best friends I’ve had since I was at school, but along the way, I’ve met a lot of amazing, incredible, inspiring people, who again are as busy as me.

It’s the nicest thing in the world when you find time in the busiest of schedules to meet up. And we understand each other. We go through the same thing; we have our private lives, public lives, and it’s nice to have that—people to rely on.

Q: What friend do you call if you’re having a really bad day?

Cara: It depends what it’s about.

Q: If things get too much for you, how to handle maybe the limelight or…

Cara: Again, I speak to a bunch of people every day. From my oldest friends like Georgia [May Jagger] and Suki [Waterhouse], to Jordan [Dunn], to Dakota [Johnson], or Kendall [Jenner].. I’ll call pretty much every day. I ‘Face Time’ Taylor [Swift] every week. ‘Face Time’ is the best thing in the world: it really is.

 Q: How about Karl Lagerfield?

Cara: Karl: I text a lot. He sends me pictures of his cat a lot. I love Karl. He really is such an amazing man. I’m so lucky that he includes me so much in what he does. The first couple of times I met him, I was terrified!

He seems so intimidating just because of his… I think… it’s his knowledge or just the air about him, but he’s the opposite of that.

He is one of the kindest, loveliest, loyal people, who’s taught me so much, and knows so much, and has the best stories in the whole world. He’s really the best person to sit next to.

Q: He’s very witty and fast when you interview him… and when you’re not friends with him he comes across differently?

Cara: Completely. I’m so lucky. There