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Catherine Lacaze, Vice President of Global Jewelry Marketing at Harry Winston

Currently oversees all jewelry marketing initiatives which include advertising, PR and marketing as well as all philanthropic programmes. More to come.

How does Harry Winston maintain its focus on innovation and perfection while maintaining its brand identity?
Since its founding in 1932, innovation and creativity have been an essential part of the Harry Winston brand DNA and is something we continue today. Our goal: To preserve the House’s rich design heritage while also infusing new modern touches that will resonate with our existing clients as well as the next generation of jewelry connoisseurs around the world. As a way to bring new life to Mr. Winston’s timeless creations, our design team constantly looks to the House’s archives for inspiration. For example, our new high jewelry collection, Ultimate Adornments by Harry Winston, focuses on the art & innovation of Winston craftsmanship—exploring complex diamond setting techniques hand-crafted entirely in diamonds and platinum.

Define fine jewelry. Why is it timeless?
Fine jewelry is an art form unto itself—no two pieces are alike. At Harry Winston, our craftsmen seek out the most unique gemstones, meticulously hand-setting each individual stone, to create an extraordinary jewel. Each piece of Harry Winston jewelry has its own unique story to tell and symbolizes a monumental moment in a family’s history. For this reason, Winston jewels are irreplaceable treasures that are passed down often from one generation to the next. As Mr. Winston once said, “A good diamond is a possession to be prized for many generations.”

Can you give us a sneak peak for the upcoming seasons?
While I can’t give away any secrets, I can say that this is a very exciting time for the House of Harry Winston. This past month, we launched our new brand book titled Harry Winston, which presents an unparalleled look behind the House’s most meaningful moments through a visual vault of imagery—from never before seen archival sketches to photos of Royals & Hollywood’s leading ladies adorning Harry Winston jewels. We also introduced, Charms by Harry Winston, a new collection of five unique charms that pay tribute to the history and legacy of Harry Winston design. The collection re-imagines iconic Winston designs for chic everyday wear. And the launch of our latest high jewelry collection, Water by Harry Winston, pays tribute to the extraordinary wonders of the world’s most precious elements—rare gemstones and water. From deep sapphires and emeralds to turquoise and aquamarines, the 19 newly created designs capture water’s fluidity and spectrum of colours.

Tell us more about the Vintage and Custom jewelry.
Harry Winston founded his company in 1932 with the acquisition of some of the finest estate jewels in the world. Today, the Harry Winston Estate Department continues our founder’s legacy by purchasing some of our most beloved vintage designs from family estates. However, this is a very rare occurrence. Because Winston jewels are so rare and unique, we find that many families hold on to their Winston jewels.

In terms of custom jewelry, as one of the most exclusive high jewelry houses in the world, Harry Winston provides clients with the highest quality materials and the most skilled designers & craftsmen. When a client comes into one of our salons looking for a piece of custom jewelry, they meet with one of our experts for a one-onone dialogue—seated at a private sales desk, allowing for a very private personalized experience. The creation of a custom Harry Winston piece of jewelry entails an intimate collaboration between the client and our designers, gemologists and craftsmen, to create a masterpiece like none other that brings out his or her true essence and beauty.

Why are people attracted to jewelry?
Mr. Winston once said, “No two diamonds are alike. Each diamond has a different nature. Each diamond must be handled as you handle a person.” And in my opinion, it’s for that reason—the rarity, the exclusivity, and the personal meaning—that people are attracted to jewelry. I think people are also attracted to the emotional aspects of jewelry. Each piece of jewelry carries with it an enduring sentiment that transcends time and never goes out of a style.

How do you think you stand in one of the most competitive industries?
Harry Winston is one of the most exclusive brands within the luxury industry today. As the King of Diamonds, Harry Winston was known for his vast collection of rare diamonds and gemstones, which is something the House continues to pride itself on today. High quality encompasses all aspects of the brand—from the quality of materials we use in our jewelry and timepieces to the expertise of our employees, and the unsurpassable level of service we provide to our clients in each of our salons around the world. Harry Winston is really the benchmark for the best there is.

Which of the 4 Cs (cut, clarity, colour, and carat) is the most important characteristic to consider when buying a diamond?
While the ‘Four Cs’ provide a useful starting point in searching for a diamond, it is important to remember that diamonds, that seem similar when judged by these criteria alone, can vary greatly in their beauty. This is where the fifth ‘C’ comes in—and that is ‘Choice’. It’s essential to make a choice based on your personality.

What are Harry Winston’s expansion strategies? Any new salons opening soon?
This is a very exciting time for Harry Winston. We currently have 27 salons around the world and will continue to grow our presence globally over the next few years. This year, we opened new salons in Shanghai China, Moscow Russia, and our second location in London at Harrods. In the Middle East, after recently opening two salons in Dubai, we’re looking forward to the upcoming opening in Kuwait.