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From Passion to Reality: Q&A with Lina Faza, Jewelry Designer

For Lina Faza, a graduate from GIA Los Angeles as a gemologist and jewelry designer, the dream of designing her own line of jewelry was always there ever since she was a little girl. She just needed the right incentive, the right moment, and the right handmade crochet designs—gold-plated with love.
Because Lina believes that “Art is like love; it gets better with time.”

Tell us how you got started in jewelry design.
Since I was young, I loved playing and re-arranging my mother’s jewelry and my grandmother taught me how to crochet. From there on, I always wanted to do something special so years later, in Los Angeles, I studied jewelry design and became a gemologist. My passion is to take old jewelry redesigning them into fashionable trendy jewels. Or better yet, custom make each piece based on a person’s mood and personality.

Why did you choose jewelry crochet?
The appeal is the same: I wanted to do things in a different way. I wanted to do something unique and exquisite with a certain line of design so that when anyone sees my work they definitely know it’s one of a kind.

What inspires you?
I’m inspired from daily life, from the beauty around us, from the beauty within. I translate ideas into unique and original pieces.

Each piece has a story, made with a purpose, made with passion and love. I also love nature. When I was at school, I remember that they used to take us to the fields to draw nature first-hand and implement our sketches into reality. I really love flowers.

Who is your dream person to design for?
I’m originally Jordanian: I’d love to design a specially piece for Queen Rania Al-Abdullah.

Do you do customized jewelry?
Yes, I do take these kinds of orders so if someone has a stone that’s close to their heart and wants to use it, I can turn it to a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Can you walk us through the process of making your designs?
If I don’t have the stone, then I use my wires which are made of brass. I visualize what I want and then I start knitting the wires. And if the design needs a stone then I get one. If it doesn’t need a stone, then I take the piece into the jeweler to dip it in white, pink or yellow gold.

Do you have a special material that you like using?
I love using gold but it’s very expensive. In the meantime I’m using the brass wires.

Which is the most difficult part when designing crochet jewelry?
It depends. There are many kinds of crochet: the smaller, the more difficult because it takes more time and effort.

How long does each creation need?
Well, it really depends on the size and the design. For small pieces it might take two days, and for the big one, four days. I tell my clients that it takes approximately 7-10 days for special orders.

How do you work with your clients on customized pieces? Do you show them the sketches before turning designs into reality?
They’re tailor-made. For the first stage, I use the brass then the client comes and tries the piece on as if I’m tailoring a dress. If they like the size, then I take it further with the stones and the dipping. I also show clients the designs I’ve done on the computer.

Tell us about your latest collection?
Now I’m experimenting more deeply with the stones and the wires. I’m invading the stone and picking beautiful stones, and using softer as well as harder wires. I’ve invented new ideas like colourful wires and removable magnetic flowers—coral and Aphrodite gems, which can support the health of your chakras by using chakra stones.

Who is your ideal client?
I don’t repeat my designs. My target is a high-end client who appreciates art in jewelry design.