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Discover Turkey’s hidden streets


Istanbul has a temperate oceanic climate which is influenced by a continental climate, with hot, cold, and occasionally snowy winters.

Istanbul is a major city in Turkey that straddles Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait. Its Old City reflects cultural influences of the many empires that once ruled here. In the Sultanahmet district, the open-air, Roman-era Hippodrome was for centuries the site of chariot races, and Egyptian obelisks also remain. The iconic Byzantine Hagia Sophia features a soaring 6th century dome and rare Christian mosaics.
The food here is so flavorful. With Middle Eastern, Asian and European influences, Turkey has some of the best food we’ve ever had! The kebabs, stews, shawarmas, soups, pizza, breads and regional specialties are all fantastic. Even if you’re not a smoker (we aren’t), you will probably find yourself in a teahouse somewhere or relaxing in a cafe with some local people, who will inevitably be smoking these flavored tobacco water pipes. Join in, socialize and do as the locals do!
The Mediterranean
The tranquil waters of the Mediterranean Sea are stunning! Make your way to Kabak, Butterfly Valley, Ölüdeniz or Olympos and enjoy the beautiful beaches and calm waters.
It presents you an adorable view along with its square and streets paved with rough cobblestone, the historical Ortaköy Mosque just on the coast and the majestic Bosphorus Bridge just to the left of the district. Ortakoy Istanbul’s coolest, chic-est, most artsy neighborhoods, with trendy boutiques, atmospheric cafés and bistrots, and crowds of young, sophisticated residents and visitors. Are you hungry? Then you can have baked potatoes, waffle and home-made pancakes at cute huts lined up side by side just to the left of the bazaar.


Sections of the Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan Hamam

Visiting this extravagant baths is a total new experience, living the luxurious life feeling like a queen. Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan Hamam, which is located in the historic peninsula between Blue Mosque and Haghia Sophia Museum is spread over three acres of land, containing Turkish bath, restaurant and cafe sections.
Cold Room
You first enter what is known as the cold room. Within the cold room section are a VIP room, changing rooms with security lockers, a hairdresser, reception area, massage rooms, vitamin bar, a boutique and the resting area. This is where you will change into the pestamal (silk wrap) before your bath. After your bath experience this is also the place to relax, drink a replenishing sherbet (fruit drink) and gaze up at the huge dome basking in the history of the sultans.
Warm Room
After perspiring in the hot room, this is the place where the attendants will scrub your skin. You can also see part of the old heating system that was originally used in the hamam.
Hot Room
The large marble massage platform in the hot room lies under the hamam’s dome and is surrounded by both open and private alcoves (halvet). The temperature in the hot room is around 42–47 degrees while the private alcoves may reach 60 degrees. In the hot section, there are basins to fill with cooling water and gold-plated bowls for pouring it over your body. This room is where you first go so the heat prepares your skin for the scrub. It is also where the bubble wash and massage service is provided after your scrub.



Sultanahmet-Old City is essentially the Constantinople of the Roman, Eastern Roman/Byzantine, and much of the Ottoman periods, this is where most of the famous historical sights of Istanbul are located.


Galata Housing many of the nightlife venues of the city, this district includes Beyoglu, Istiklal Street, and Taksim Square also its own share of sights and accommodation. beautiful view from the top of Galata Tower.


Princes’ Islands is an excellent getaway from the city, made up of an archipelago of nine car-free islands—some of them small, some of them big—with splendid wooden mansions, verdant pine gardens and nice views.


The Bazaars Spending a day in one of Turkey’s bazaars is a sight in itself! The hustle and bustle, the smells, the people and the energy in these places is phenomenal. From Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar to the quieter, tourist-free bazaars in the east, they are all exciting!